Women's Division Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Chesapeake

2017 Theme: Join Our Golden Voyage...From Compassion to Action

News and Events

The Women's Division is working hard to meet our Chesapeake community needs. We do that through our Program of Work. However, we can't do that without your support.

Listed below are the different areas and responsibilities for the Women's Division. Interest sheets will be passed out at the March 1st Board meeting and the March 16th Membership Dinner meeting.

Each area will be updated frequently to let you know the latest happenings in the WD!


We looking forward to sharing our journey from Compassion to Action with you!




2017 WD Board




WD Committees

Our Committees:

  • By-Laws
    • Chair - Jackie Moore
  • Education
    • Chair - Brenda Johnson
  • Communications
    • Chair - Pam Daughety
  • Community Service  
    • Chair - Trudy Rauch                       
  • Cultural
    • Chair - Melissa Lowrey
  • Historian
    • Chair - Valerie Rodriguez
  • Hospitality 
    • Chair - Ann Myers
  • Local Government 
    • Chair - Dr. Ella Ward  
  • Membership
    • Chair - Teresa Peters                         
  • Public Relations  
    • Chair -  Phyllis Krasnoff                     
  • Telephone
    • Chair - June Vinson
  • Ways and Means    
    • Chair - Jackie Moore        


2017 Woman of the Year Committee

Each year the Women's Division Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Chesapeake nominates and selects a Woman of the Year to be honored at the annual banquet.





*More information Coming Soon!


Committee News