Women's Division Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Chesapeake

2017 Theme: Join Our Golden Voyage...From Compassion to Action

Site Closing

This site will be removed on October 31, 2017. If you want to download a copy of a Shipmate, please do so before that date.


The Shipmate is the newsletter published by the Women's Division Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Chesapeake.

When available, you may click on the links below to open/download a PDF of the Shipmate

This year, in order to make sure the information is timely and reaches all our membership, the Shipmate will be published monthly.  It will also be available for download on our website. (This location.) Just click on the current month to access the PDF version of the Shipmate.


The 2017 Shipmate is Published:

January 2017   This is an updated version with the correct 2017 dues of $40.00.

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