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Yes, you can make a difference in our Chesapeake Community!

Join WD today, and become a part of a group that knows what teamwork is all about!

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

~Henry Ford


Are you interested in joining a group of dynamic women who help make a difference in our Chesapeake community everyday?

If so, the Women's Division Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Chesapeake is looking for you!

Be sure to check out our Program of Work for 2010, and then check back in April 2011 to see the what we have planned for next year.

Click on the link below to open the Membership Form, and then fill out the information.  Give the completed form, along with your membership dues to any WD Officer or Board member. We'll be happy to process your application, and get you actively involved in our organization.

Membership Form  (Word 2003-2007)

Membership Form  (PDF)

Reimbursement Form (PDF)

Publicity Release Request (PDF)

WDHRCCC Brochure (PDF)  

Women's Division Board and Membership Dinner Meetings:

bulletThe WD Board meets the 1st Wednesday of each month (except July).
bulletMembership Dinner Meetings are held 4 times per year on the 3rd Thursday of the month in March, May, September and November.
bulletThe WOY banquet honoring the Outstanding Woman of the Year and Installation of new Officers and Board of Directors is held the 1st Saturday in February.

The following PDF documents can be downloaded and printed  to your home computer:


Dates for Meetings

Forms to Submit Information for Board Meetings


2011 Snack Schedule (PDF)

March 2, 2011 Board Meeting Agenda

March 17, 2011 Membership Dinner Meeting Agenda

April 6, 2011 Board Meeting Agenda

May 4, 2011 Board Meeting Agenda

May 19, 2011 Membership Dinner Meeting Agenda

June 1, 2011 Board Meeting Agenda

August 3, 2011 Board Meeting Agenda

September 7, 2011 Board Meeting Agenda

September 15, 2011 Membership Dinner Meeting Agenda

October 5, 2011 Board Meeting Agenda

November 2, 2011 Board Meeting Agenda

November 10, 2011 Membership Dinner Meeting Agenda

December 7, 2011 Board Meeting Agenda

January 4, 2012 Board Meeting Agenda

2011Treasurer's Reports 

                             (PDF Format)


February 2011        March 2011        April 2011        May 2011

June 2011        July 2011        August 2011        September 2011

October 2011  November 2011     December 2011


2012 Treasures Reports  (PDF Format)

January 2012    February 2012        March 2012        April 2012      

  May 2012      June 2012        August 2012        September 2012 

October 2012     November 2012    December 2012     January 2013


2012 Board Minutes  (PDF Format)

March 2012    April 2012     May 2012     June 2012    August 2012    

September 2012      October 2012   November 2012     December 2012


Printable Membership Directory


When available, you can click here to download the Women's Division Directory and print it out to your home computer.


WD Committees  

Committee Chairs will be in contact will members to set up meetings. We also have time set aside at the dinner meetings in March, May, September, and November for committees to discuss their needs.

We can make a difference with your help. Please join today!



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T ogether
E veryone
A chieves
M ore

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