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Property investors

Sam H


Vivienne is exceptional. Our first experience with Vivienne was in securing a mortgage for a Sydney investment property whilst we were expats in London during the pandemic. Vivienne was attentive, approachable, diligent and highly competent throughout the entire process; from our first enquiry until the final settlement. She presented the various options to us and explained the pros and cons of each one as it pertained to our specific situation. Working across time zones was never an issue, Vivienne was always available for calls outside of Australian business hours, and was extremely responsive on emails and was able to answer all our questions and address any concerns we may have had. No question was too small and she followed through on everything. Her problem solving ability is second to none, we faced challenges unique to the pandemic, as an example, when we were suddenly informed the Australian Embassy was closed for notary services - critical for witnessing our documents. Vivienne was reassuring and creative in working with the lender to find solutions and kept our finance on track. Given the uncertainty and constantly evolving situation, Vivienne had proven that no matter what, she is adept and had it under control. We were confident Vivienne would be able to manage literally anything related to our finance, which allowed us to focus on finding the right property. In the crazy covid housing market, Vivienne helped us with due diligence for finance on a couple properties. Whilst missing out on properties was frustrating, Vivienne was never phased or annoyed but was always understanding and ready to help in any way she could.

We would 100% recommend Vivienne. In fact when we later refinanced another existing property, Vivienne was our first and only call. And again she clarified what we wanted and needed and came through with a winning solution. And again followed through until settlement. Vivienne has been the perfect Mortgage Broker, going above and beyond, and a deserved winner of Residential Mortgage Broker of the Year....or BEST Mortgage Broker of the Year! Thank you Vivienne, your help and support has been invaluable!



So Grateful! Highly recommend Vivienne!

With a complicated set of circumstances involving our foreign income and, as such, tighter bank restrictions surrounding Covid, Vivienne and her team got us over the finish line and into home ownership! We are absolutely thrilled! Vivienne is highly skilled at negotiations, which allowed us to keep the property in another country while securing a mortgage in Australia. She and her team are also very knowledgeable and prompt communicators with impeccable customer service values.

At one point during the loan process, we had an issue with the lender holding out on providing our final commitment letter, just as our contract was about to expire. Vivienne is the ultimate professional, and made it happen: we received our final approval in time for us to sign the contract. We could not be more pleased with the results, and we will be returning for our future lending needs.

Thank you, Vivienne and Team, for all your hard work and dedication. We appreciate you!

Bad credit history



They did what at least 5 other brokers could not do for me
Hi everyone,
I’m an existing and multiple-time-returning client of Home Loan Experts. I’m an investor, intensively investing in properties during the last couple of years. Due to this, I have ended up with multiple queries under my name for credit checks. After getting three investment loans, I started getting rejections from various lenders as there were so many queries under my name.
Finally, I contacted Home Loan Experts and Manish, a hard-working broker who spends a lot of time on client files before the application process helped me assess my options. Sid cooperated with Manish through the entire process and is an extremely polite, patient and hard-working man. He offered me a perfect experience during my loan application journey.
I dealt with their customer service department after my loan settlement and they were always available for any question I had about my loan.
In summary, I recommend Home Loan Experts as they are very helpful, responsive and hard-working.

Joshua H

Hunter Region, NSW, AU

We were told we couldn’t get a loan by others but Home Loan Experts made it happen !!!

Wife is on maternity leave and we had a high amount of credit Enquiries we knew this wasn’t going to be easy. But Azita Bokan at Home Loan Experts made it happen, we got approved.

We enquired through Aussie Home Loans, CORE Brokers and Lendi l. They all said they could not make it happen, but Home Loan Experts did.

Azita and her team deserve a pay rise !!!!

Temporary residents / 457 visa

Chieu L.

Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Expert in Home Loan for couple waiting for Partner Visa

I am on my Bridging Visa A and was looking for a home loan with my partner - Australian citizen. As some of you applying for Partner Visa would know, only a few banks would loan to non-residents. At first I didn't go to HLE, but another company. That company in the end didn't submit my pre-approval application as I lost 1 of my 2 jobs. But the thing is my deposit is huge so in theory that shouldn't be a problem.

My dream of becoming a homeowner was shattered until I decided to try again with Home Loan Experts. Assisting me was Shane (Sheng Ye) - mortgage broker & Irek. Shane did a great job and got us the loan with a major bank with a lower rate than the first company did!



Very good service

Very good service from Mohit and the team. They did thorough research into the different lenders to find the loan that suited us (partner is on bridging visa). Everything was explained really well and Mohit was very prompt at replying to emails or phone calls and did a great job. Highly recommend.

Guarantor loans



Shabba helped me to get my home loan.

I can't recommend her highly enough, she has great communication and excellent knowledge. She helped every step of the way. Would definitely recommend to others.



Jenish and the team at Home Loan Experts were able to guide us through the minefield of first home ownership.

Our previous involvement with another popular broker went very sour (and somewhat scary) due to the incompetent actions of that other broker. Jenish and Home Loan Experts really saved the day by taking over and helping us through a very difficult and stressful (but exciting) time in our lives.

Jenish and Ganga were both extremely patient with our NUMEROUS enquiries and questions, but yet never made us feel once that we were being a pain or annoying.

Jenish and the team were able to secure an amount much higher than our previous broker, and this was due to their attention to detail and persistence in dealing with the lender to ensure the best result for us.

Very happy and highly recommended.

95% loans / No genuine savings



The team at the HLE is very hard working and committed. Communication is also great.

Jenish and Sharon worked very hard for my loan application. Their friendliness made this overwhelming experience easier.

Keep up the good work guys.


Yatala, QLD

I had been previously declined by the big banks due to not enough savings and a personal loan situation. This was despite the help of my previous broker who only had access to certain banks with the majority being big institutions.

Through some google searches, I found Home Loan Experts and was assigned Vivienne as my broker. She's so friendly to deal with and was always on my side to support throughout the loan application processes. She's always there to give me advice and be supportive, which meant a lot to me. Finally, I secured a bank loan for my first home owner occupied property with only a 5% deposit.

A big thank you to Vivienne Than from Home Loan Experts! I would definitely recommend her and Home Loan Experts to any of my friends who are facing the same situation.

Unusual employment

John A

Central Queensland

Unbeatable, Uncomparable... Enthusiam & Persistance!

My Partner and I have a unique situation to say the least with newly established business, International Trade and Previous bankruptcy. Nirayu from the Home Loan experts, never said no. In every instance he was able to work through our circumstance and effectively communicate the situation to our lender. Nirayu gave us confidence throughout the process and clearly defined what steps we had to follow which got us to our dream investment property. Nirayu was always a phone call away and made it feel like we were a team fighting for the same objective. We would recommend Nirayu and the team to anyone, whether the situation is complex, or you simply want a better deal on your current mortgage! Its refreshing to see service like this still exists.



Easy and prompt process from inquiry to settlement even during job probation period.
I was very glad I went to HomeLoan Experts for my first home loan. Getting home loan during a new job probation period was a big hurdle for both me and wife as I inquired through various banks ad brokers, only to be told to wait or NO. I contacted Kenneth from Homeloan Experts and he was very helpful from the very start and offered me two competitive home loan proposals. The process thereafter was smooth and Pranam was very helpful and pro active with the settlement process. After 2 months from the inquiry my home loan was settled. I would definitely recommend everyone to contact home loan experts.

Discounts for professionals



Very helpful and professional. The entire process from beginning to end was very smooth and well communicated. Jenish and Rojina were very helpful and made it very easy on our first property purchase.

I would highly recommend this team and would use their services again!



Absolutely amazed with the level of service I received from Home Loan Experts.

Jef and Alisha were fantastic and kept me informed throughout the entire process. The team at Home Loan Experts is great. They're a team of highly motivated, efficient and professional individuals that really go the extra mile and strive for the best outcome.

The team were able to get me waived LMI as a pharmacist saving me thousands of dollars. Amazing!

Low deposit

Daniel B.

Adelaide, SA

Excellent customer service and able to meet our unique needs

Nirayu and Sayub provided excellent customer service throughout the whole loan approval process and understood our needs from the beginning.
We were purchasing a property off a family member at a price below market value. Our goal was to find a lender that based the LVR on the market value of the property, not the offer price e.g. a favourable purchase.

Nirayu instantly understood our needs and recommended suitable lenders. Additionally, Nirayu and Sayub organised several bank property valuations, giving us the option to select the one with the highest market value (and effectively smallest deposit needed).
An added bonus, the interest rate of the loan was one of the lowest on the market.
Throughout the process, Nirayu and Sayub kept us promptly informed of any updates.
Thank you for your superior service to meet our needs as well as your patience

F Nisar


Foreign income, minimum deposit, tough negotiations with bank and a successful application

We had fairly complex mortgage application as my family resides in Australia and I work overseas. Not many mortgage brokers were willing to work on foreign income application and were also asking for high % of deposit.
I filled online application form at home loan experts and the very next day Vivienne called me. She was very professional, understood our situation and guided us at every step of the process and the documentation/ paper work we required. She did very good job at negotiating with the bank on our behalf as due to foreign income bank at times bank would ask for unnecessary documents. She successfully secured the loan for us on minimum deposit required.
Along with Vivienne, Rachel (Rojina ) was very helpful. After our pre-approval, Rachel provided us with property reports for the properties we were interested in. She made sure she was on top of everything and continuously chased the bank and our solicitors to ensure the settlement was done smoothly and on time.

We couldnt thank Vivienne and Rachel more and needless to say we will highly recommend them to our family and friends.


Dario F

Perth, WA

After multiple lenders and some of the top mortgage brokers were unable to help me refinance out of my extremely high interest rate (5.59%) and the lender didn't want to reduce it despite my relatively high income and low loan amount and risk profile because of some historic credit issues. Home loan experts and my team of Rojina Shivabhakti and Sneha Bista managed to get the job done. From the initial phone call, I had updates on an almost daily basis and had a pre-approval from a lender within a week, the refinance settled today and I couldn't be happier with my new rate of 2.18%. I thought it would be at least another 18 months before I could get a rate like this but home loan experts did what everyone else thought to be impossible and have saved me and my family 700 dollars a month which means the world on a single income with a young family!

Gerrit K

Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Great service and communication

Nirayu and Bibek kept us informed throughout the refinance process. They found an option that met our requirements, were never pushy and accepted our feedback. They found an offer with a great cash back and excellent rate. They even got the rate reduced, even though we are already happy with the first rate offered.




Manish and Sid compared several different lenders and supported me through the entire application process. Since I’m an expat, their advice and help were invaluable. Manish and Sid guided me through the process of attaining the correct documents from my employer, with translation, and handled communications with the bank. Excellent service and I’ve no hesitation in recommending them!

Alice P.

Tung Chung, Hong Kong

Fantastic, efficient and comprehensive service

Manish and Irek were not only extremely easy to deal with, they provided timely service and found a loan that was perfect for our circumstances. Their response time was very fast and they were right across our requirements and what was suitable and available. Highly recommend!

Gifted deposit


Hobart, TAS, AU

First time user of Home Loan Experts...happy to recommend to anyone looking for a loan or having trouble with their current broker/bank, which was my situation. Preeti was super and ran like made finding what I needed and Saujan just finished it off for me and made sure things were on track. Well done guys keep the good work up.



These people are really the home loan experts! Azita was a lifesaver and helped us through a very difficult home loan application.

Company title

Michelle & Alex

Matraville, NSW

After so many complications in getting a loan for our company title property, a friend recommended Paul Da Silva when we decided to refinance.

Paul made the process so easy; because of his extensive knowledge and experience, every hurdle was dealt with promptly and stress-free without having to supply more and more documents.

We highly recommend Paul and are very happy with the deal he got for us and the advice he provided. Many thanks, Paul.


Mehrdad K.

Doncaster, VIC

They did what at least 5 other brokers could not do for me.

Hi everyone,
I'm an existing and multiple-time-returning client of Home Loan Experts. I'm an investor, intensively investing in properties during last couple of years. Because of this I have ended up with so many queries under my name for credit checks which is not in interest of lenders at all. After getting three investment loans, I started getting rejections from so many lenders and I have been told by all of them (small and big) to stay away from applying for loans for while as there is so many queries under my name in credit check systems and some other reasons none of which made sense to me.

Finally, I contacted Home Loan Expert and MANISH, a hard working broker who spends a lot of time on everyone's file before putting an application through which may potentially brings you just a useless query under your name, checked every thing in details and even talked with the assessors from potential lenders and explained my situation. He had got the green light from them and put my application through and exceeded my expectations. I asked for one loan and he got me a pre approval for another loan as well. To make the long story short, I have already had those two loans settled, and another loan has been also approved, waiting for settlement.

SID the other broker who has cooperated with MANISH through the whole way is an extremly polite, patient and hard working man, offering you a perfect experience during your loan application journey.

you also deal with their customer service departments after your loan settlement regarding any question you may have about your loan. SHOVANA from that department is also a gem in this market.

In summary, I definitely recommend Home Loan Experts as they are so helpful, responsive and hard working.

Kozzy S


Commercial loans are very risky and complex. Sole traders like me often find it very hard to provide required documents. But these guys really did a great job for me to get a commercial loan.

They replied my emails, and answered all my calls all the time and always on time. I did talk to other brokers about my issues but they weren't really helpful at all.

Home loan experts were fast and clear in loan proceedings. Thank you guys. Cheers!!

First home buyer



Outstanding service
My wife and I can’t thank Prakash and Sid enough. They are reliable, knowledgeable, professional and do go the extra mile to ensure you receive the best home loan for your circumstance. Being a first home buyer, the process was enjoyable knowing that they were in our corner. We highly recommend them to anyone and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks again!



Great help and willing to go the extra mile

I found Vivienne to be very knowledgeable and efficient at helping me to get a home loan. As I was waiting for settlement over the Xmas break, I faced some delays, but Vivienne went over and above, even following up while she was on annual leave, to get my settlement across the line. I have no hesitation in recommending Vivienne and her team for assistance with applying for a loan.

Fixed Rate



Romy, Ayush and Abhijiti were an absolute pleasure to deal with! So professional and knowledgeable. From the beginning all the way through to settlement, they made the whole process so easy and hassle-free. Highly recommended!

Anita and Quade

South East Queensland, QLD, AU

Outstanding service a phone call away.
Mohit and Sujin were nothing short of outstanding. From the time we picked up the phone and started the process to the very last day we have experienced nothing but outstanding service. Mohit you are a leader in your field of expertise and Delivered all our expectations. Sujin thank you for the follow up care and prompt response right through our journey. Very happy clients

Unusual Property



Job well done

Bibek and Vivienne were excellent! My wife and I wanted to get a serviced apartment through a self-managed super fund[SMSF] which is a lot more complex than just getting a personal loan for a property that is not a serviced apartment. Also banks at this time in Australia no longer loan to SMSF! Many brokers just did not get back to us with our enquiries to broker a loan despite our politeness and we suspect this was due to the complexity of our loan but not Home Loan Experts.

Vivienne was our initial contact and right from the start made us feel that home loan experts could get the job done! Once Vivienne had secured a lender that would lend to our SMSF, Bibek took over with the process until finally settling the property purchase.

There was a lot more paperwork required with serviced apartment SMSF purchase compared to a non serviced investment property purchase we did but Bibek and Vivienne with clear, calm and professional phone and email communication helped us complete this purchase peacefully. After an exhausting process of looking for a loan on our own plus with other brokers we finally came across home loan experts and I am so glad we did. Job well done Bibek, Vivienne and Home loan experts!

Sergey P


My experience with the Home Loan Experts team was fantastic! I needed to get an 80% LVR loan on the trust name for the property located in a high-density building in a complex that also includes a hotel. While this would be an absolute no-go for many banks, Manish was able to clearly understand my requirements, help me with the steps to boost my borrowing capacity and screen the financiers who might be able to provide this loan. When the property got rejected by the bank, Manish was able to successfully escalate with the bank's high credit team and get the property accepted. On the execution side, Ujjwal was making sure that the process of getting final approval gets smoothly, checking in with the bank regularly and advising me if I need to take any steps. The communications was great and prompt. We got the final approval on time. Last by not least, Dristi kept her finger on the pulse of the bank for the certification of the loan documents making everything done within a week timeframe from the final approval to the settlement. I was originally very skeptical about working with a mortgage broker, now I know that I will go to the Home Loan Experts if I need another loan. I highly recommend them!

Unusual Property

Sarah W


My partner and I contacted the home loan experts after failing to get our finance approved from one of the larger banks. Manish, Dristi and Sid were incredible and helped us get formal approval on our dream property on acreage. Despite previous banks refusing to take on the property due to it being off grid and solar powered, Manish and Dristi worked hard to ensure our outcomes were met In finding a bank that suited our needs. Despite all our communications occurring either via phone or email, the service they provided was professional, prompt and friendly. I would highly recommend using Manish, Dristi and Sid to anyone in the future looking to purchase their dream home.

Favorable Purchase

Quade H


Manish helped me out and was quick and easy to work with even with my unconventional situation where other brokers said it was impossible.

PAYG Contractor; Refinance

Ted L


Great experience again with Home Loan Experts! Manish and the team have done a great job for my mortgage refinance. Highly recommended!

Common Debt Reducer (CDR); Australian Expat living in Singapore

Paul W

11 Toh Tuck Road, #03-45 Singapore, 596290

Manish and team are very responsive and professional. They help me along the way to get the best mortgage loan in the market quickly and they did it on time for my purchase of property in Australia.
Highly recommended!

Everything Else

Anne M.


Excellent and professional service

We worked our way through the process with Rojina and Akshay. The course was navigated effortlessly with them, and transparency and trust were well established during the process. The whole process was simple on our end, and challenges to our loan were respectfully and effectively communicated and resolved. The success of our loan was made easy with The Home Loan Experts and we recommend them to anyone. Thank you Rojina and Akshay.

Addy Sirat

West Perth, WA

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Rojina, Euglina, and the team have been exceptional in helping me get my first home loan approved, They have shown patience and understanding to my situation and they have truly gone above and beyond. Rojina is very knowledgeable and provided me with solutions to overcome my situation. Euglina has been diligent in following up with my application and maintaining communications with me throughout the whole process. I have gone through two other brokers and 1 financial institution and all 3 of them showed no genuine interest in helping me with my situation.

If you are in a unique situation, especially as a first home buyer, look no further and get in touch with them. I can assure you that you will be in very safe hands. Thank you once again!

Bhisan Raj KC

Mark Splittgerber


The HLE team made the process of remortgaging our home loan straight forward and we were kept updated at each step of the way. Thanks to Bhisan and Sam for all your hard work!

Brook Rutherford


I second thank 100%. My Mum Wendy said that Bhisan is her new best friend and was delightful. Thank you again and what a whirlwind you have assisted in such a huge way. I look forward to meeting you over dinner to celebrate soon

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